In-Vision: Successful continuation of strong growth path

August 2018

Guntramsdorf/Vienna, August 7, 2018

In-Vision, the leading developer and manufacturer of high-end DLP® enabled light engines, continues its ambitious growth path.  

Expansion of product portfolio, team and production plant

Over the last two years, the Austrian company introduced several new DLP® enabled light engine product platforms to the market. Based on strong demand from customers on currently four continents, In-Vision grew its team at the headquarter in Vienna from 30 to over 90 in the last two years. “This growth put us under enormous pressure but thanks to intensive screening of candidates, a detailed onboarding process and agile management principles, we where able to digest this growth in the organization”, claims Bernhard Trenz, CEO of In-Vision.

Along with this investment in staff, In-Vision modernized its production plant in Guntramsdorf. Next to the replacement of manufacturing equipment for lens production, the company acquired state-of-the-art milling and turning centers. To maintain the high level of quality, further investments in quality assurance equipment were made. Apart from a new vacuum-based coating machine, digital spectrometers and interferometers will soon be part of In-Visions extensive machine park.

“The investments of the last two years are substantial but lay adequate basis for further growth”, explains Michael Steiner, CFO and Member of the Management Board of In-Vision. According to Steiner, revenue and profitability of the company have been growing at high double-digit figures and demand from customers around the world is growing even further.

Major growth in additive manufacturing, metrology and maskless lithography

“A large part of growth is attributed to our engagement in additive manufacturing”, says Wolfgang Pferscher, CSO and member of the management board of In-Vision. Based on photopolymerization, 3D printer manufacturers around the globe use our light engines to print household articles, sports apparel or jewelry. “Apart from that, we serve global metrology companies with key-equipment for their 3D scanners and cater to the semiconductor industry through maskless lithography applications”, says Pferscher further.

In its traditional business unit, high-resolution projection lenses, In-Vision is still world market leader in the global entertainment industry. Every second movie theatre around the globe is equipped with In-Vision’s projection technology.

Active support from In-Vision’s shareholders, most notably CUDOS Entrepreneurs’ Fund, further strengthens the company’s economic stability on a long-term basis. 

About In-Vision

IN-VISION Digital Imaging Optics GmbH develops and manufactures high-precision projection lenses for the global entertainment sector and industrial applications. The company's digital DLP® enabled "Light Engines" have been developed in close cooperation with US-based Texas Instruments and made In-Vision a world market leader in 4K digital cinema projection and global technology leader in intelligent opto-electronic systems for additive manufacturing, 3D metrology and maskless lithography.