Digital Light Processing (DLP) has become an integral part and key-enabling factor for many industries. Find out more below where and how we serve our customers.

Additive Manufacturing


Few technological advances may shape our world in a way additive manufacturing will. Structured light cast on photosensitive polymers produces has the power to re-shape entire value chains and bring offshored manufacturing jobs back to our economies. In-Vision developed the world's leading DLP®-based light engines for additive manufacturing purposes. Through our light engines millions of products are built every day.

From design straight to serial production - a technological leap made possible though structured light

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By casting high-resolution images on a specific object we are able to determin their exact measurements within seconds. Our DLP®-based light engines for metrology applications are built in mobile as well as on-premise robots. Our product range offers maximum flexibility to measure anything from the smallest component to large industrial goods. You may even change optical lenses on the go - only possible through pricise engineering by our team.

Excellence in quality assurance through DLP®-empowered metrology

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Maskless Lithography


Due to massive capital requirements for masks in wafer manufacturing, prototyping or small-batch production was not possible in the past. By the application of structured light - with precision of down to 2µm - we are able to facilitate maskless wafer production which we believe will be a game-changer for many technological applications.

PCB and wafer printing with DLP-based light engines

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Analyszing the absorption or emission of different wavelengths of light provides a detailed view on the characteristics of physical materials. In spectral applications, the digital mirror device of the DLP technology acts as a wavelength filter.

Skin analysis, gas detection or material identification powered by DLP® technology

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On the Horizon


We believe that structured light cast through DLP®-based technology has the power to transform many industries. Next to the applications mentioned above, we are constantly exploring other areas of activity. With support of international partners from both business and academia, we persue research projects to find our products of tomorrow.

Research driven by In-Vision and empowered through parters from business and academia

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