In-Vision Highlights 2022

Most popular stories of our newsblog in the year 2022.

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Visitors Favourite: Interview with bioprinting pioneer Dr. Y. Shrike Zhang

When will the first organ come out of the printer?

Bioprinting pioneer Dr. Y. Shrike Zhang from Harvard University gives a clear statement about this myth.

Read the whole interview here!

Prof. Shrike Zhang from Harvard University
Bioprinting Pioneer Prof. Shrike Zhang with his students

In-Vision launches the first Light Engine with triple wavelengths

Latest innovation of In-Vision: Helios DUO and Helios TRIO

With up to three different wavelengths in one device and a peak power of 13W, Helios Duo and Helios Trio pave the way for new application areas for 3D printing, lithography and bioengineering.

Read all about Helios DUO and Helios TRIO here!

Light Engine Helios
Helios Duo and Helios trio with up to three wavelengths

4DbloodROT - Heart Pump Rotor from the 3D Printer

Novel rotors for heart pumps have been developed in collaboration with the research companies Joanneum Research and Polymer Competence Center Leoben GmbH, the Montanuniversität Leoben and Lithoz GmbH.

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Heart Pump Rotors out of the 3D printer

Interview with Prof. Jürgen Stampfl, the man behind an exceptionally large number of start-up ideas.

Probably one of the most important quotes from the interview: "You have to ask yourself why 3D printing isn't already being used more".

Read the whole interview!

Prof. Jürgen Stampfl
CEO Florian Zangerl interviewing Prof. Jürgen Stampfl