We partner with our customers to develop the perfect solution. In-Vision is a one-stop-shop covering the entire value chain on-premise in Austria.

Product Development


At the beginning of any product development project, we support our customers in aligning their specification with what they really need. On this basis, we initiate product development which usually involves four teams:

  1. Optical Design
  2. Mechanical Design
  3. Electronical Design
  4. Coating Design

Proprietary development capability across all major functions

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After a preliminary design review by the customer, our team will manufacture first prototypes and eventually also the final product in serial production. We cover the full manufacturing process on-site at In-Vision's headquarter in Austria:

  1. Milling and Turning of Mechanical Parts
  2. Grinding, Polishing and Centering of Raw Glass
  3. Coating of Lenses on Proprietary Equipment and Thin Film Recipies

On-site manufacturing with state-of-the-art equipment

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Once all parts are available, the products are assembled by our specialized workforce at In-Vision. Critical sub-components are assembled under clean-room conditions, for any other elements we work with flow boxes in our assembly lines.

Prototype laboratory, RMA handling and serial production assembly units are strictly separated from each other to maintain highest process quality.

Where it all comes together - In-house assembly at In-Vision

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Quality Management


As single-source provider for most of our customers, we have a special requirement for rigorous quality management. Over the years we have set-up a quality department guiding manufacture of optics, mechanics and electronics at In-Vision.

State-of-the-art equipment and solid process engineering to assure highest quality

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Testing Technology


To make sure all our products are in compliance with our customers' specifications, we have developed a range of proprietary test rigs that scrutinize any product before leaving In-Vision.

Product-specific test rigs developed and manufactured in-house

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To maintain our innovative capacity and technology leadership on a long-term basis, we partner with other businesses and academia in a wide range of research projects.

20% of our revenue is dedicated to R&D initiatives.

Our initiatives are supported by the European Union and the Austrian Research Promotion Agency.

Today's research is basis for tomorrow's products

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