In-Vision launches the world's first Light Engine with triple wavelengths


IN-VISION expands the world's most powerful Light Engine with new options

HELIOS now comes in a version for dynamic exposure, multiple wavelengths and as “HELIOS S” with the ultra-high intensity of up to 16 watts in the image plane. The new features are leading to more efficiency in 3D-Printing and Lithography and opening completely new applications.

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A very brief introduction to our company.

Florian Zangerl - CEO of In-Vision warmly welcomes you on our new website and introduces In-Vision.

As you may already know, In-Vision is no ordinary optical component manufacturer. We - and here we believe we can speak as well clearly for our 80 colleagues on our site in Austria - have fallen in love with precision, are addicted to reliability, and are committed to performance. All these passions go into our products: the finest optical lenses and some of the world's most powerful UV light DLP projectors. Our customers work and conduct development in a wide range of industries on five continents. We collaborate with researchers at the world's most prestigious universities to push the envelope every day. The results are designed and produced at our site in Austria. For a small glimpse of what we might be able to do for you, too, check out our product overview and have an exciting lecture on our newsblog "projected".

Please do not hesitate to contact us - we look forward to talking to you soon!

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How to use Phoenix, the first industrial 4K UV Light Projector, as an 8K Light Engine!

In-Visions proprietary pixel shift technology makes it possible to quadruple the number of accessible pixels of the Phoenix Light Engine to gain higher resolution.

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In April 2021 In-Vision launched the new Phoenix-Light Engine. It´s the first industrial 4K UV DLP Light Projector and designed for high reliability over a long lifetime in 24/7-mode