The next big step in dynamic imaging: PANDIA

The PANDIA high-performance system offers unseen capabilities for customizing, extraordinary power, and true 4K native resolution. Book your demo for PANDIA or reach out to our team!

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Side image of the HELIOPORA system from IN-VISION

Imagine a UV-light projector exposing structures with the highest precision ever seen

IN-VISION's new invention HELIOPORA combines the accuracy and reliability of an industrial UV-light projector with a wide range of objectives, enabling precise exposures with almost any pixel size. This makes it an ideal tool for cybergenetics and optogenetics research!

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How to use Phoenix, the first industrial 4K UV Light Projector, as an 8K Light Engine!

In-Visions proprietary pixel shift technology makes it possible to quadruple the number of accessible pixels of the Phoenix Light Engine to gain higher resolution.

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In April 2021 In-Vision launched the new Phoenix-Light Engine. It´s the first industrial 4K UV DLP Light Projector and designed for high reliability over a long lifetime in 24/7-mode