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IN-VISION launches gantry system for almost unlimited building size in polymer 3D-Printing.

IN-VISION's gantry systemIN-VISION's gantry system

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If you thought 3D-printed structures couldn't get any bigger, think again. IN-VISION has just launched a gantry system that can handle practically unlimited building sizes. It consists of an extremely precise portal and up to four high-power HELIOS X Light Engines scrolled over the image plane. This combination opens up previously unknown possibilities: The basic system is equipped with two projectors and a width of 415, can be expanded to nearly one meter and handles almost unlimited building-area lengths. The precise alignment of the multiheads moving over the building area is managed live with sensorbased compensation.

IN-VISION chose Helios X as the world's most powerful projection system. Recently re-designed electronics enable dynamic curing while the projectors is traverse the building area. This offers several cutting-edge possibilities for system designers:

  • Up to 16 Watt pure light power per projector in the image plane
  • A wide variety of optical lenses, from 6um pixel size
  • Completely rebuilt electronics with an open FPGA onboard, enhancin device intelligence and increasing customization options.
  • Designers have the choice between Gigabit Ethernet and PCIe interfaces.

“No, we are not about to start building printers on our own; this is a job we are happy to leave to our customers”, explains Christof Hieger, CTO of the Austrian Optics Specialist IN-VISION, with a smile, “but we love to share our know-how with them and provide them with almost turnkey solutions for their projects.” Applications for the new gantry system include 3D Printing, Lithography, and Screen Printing with similar requirements.

"We give every developer a compelling infrastructure offering almost unlimited possibilities”, explains Christof Hieger, In-Vision´s CTO. “The onboard system is the next step in merging our superior optical accuracy with powerful software options.”

Built according to customer requirements, the system can be delivered immediately.

CTO Hieger Christof

IN-VISION's CTO Christof Hieger (credit: Thomas Topf)