IN-VISION at SPIE Photonics West

Dr. Wiebke Jahr, leader of the Optics R&D team at IN-VISION, has made the long journey to San Francisco to discuss detailed considerations for developing an UV DLP projector at the SPIE Photonics West.

Photonics West in San Francisco 2024Photonics West in San Francisco 2024

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The use of DLP-based technologies has driven innovation in industries such as additive manufacturing, metrology, lithography and, increasingly, biomedical research and bioprinting. In addition to image quality parameters (magnification, line contrast, distortion), two key characteristics govern the manufacturing success: intensity on the image plane, and Full On/Full Off (FO:FO) contrast. Both need to be balanced carefully in the illumination design.

At SPIE Photonics West 2024 Wiebke discussed detailed considerations for developing an UV DLP projector, in particular IN-VISION's latest innovation PANDIA. Specifically, by choosing TIR prism design rationale, fine tuning the exact geometry, tailoring the other illumination optics and an improved coating design, we achieve an illumination that is both high-contrast and high-intensity.

"Having the chance to present PANDIA, a project close to my heart in such a great environment, was an honor to me. As the project leader of PANDIA I am very proud of my first project after transitioning from academia to industry. It has been a real multi-disciplinary TEAM effort, with literally everyone at In-Vision supporting in one way or another."

Wiebke Jahr, project leader of PANDIA