Optical Lenses

More than 30 years in optics lay basis for our highly performant product range of digital projection lenses. We work with you from initial specification to design, through prototyping and production
Light Engines

Projection Lenses


Based on our optical expertise, we created a product range of digital projection lenses. Among others, these products are used as key-component in high-end training simulators for aviation, navy and aerospace applications around the world.

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Cinema Lenses


With the introduction of Avatar to the global audience, digital cinema penetration rose from 5% to 95% within a year making In-Vision the predominant manufacturer of digital lenses for the entertainment industry.

In 2013 we introduced the world's first 4K digital cinema lens.

Today 55% of movie theatres around the world work with our products giving us a market leading position.

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Tailored Solutions


Apart from our existing product portfolio which ranges from 2µm diminishment lenses to 500mm enlargement applications, we are more than used to developing tailor-made products which cater to your very specific needs.

Our design team will assist you in compiling the necessary specifications. All products are entirely developed and manufactured on-premise. Have a look at our Capabilities section above to find out more about how we work and what we can do for you.

Tailor-made optical solutions catering to your very specific needs

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