In-Vision introduces Telepresence Technology "Beam"

July 2018

Guntramsdorf/Vienna, July 16, 2018

In-Vision introduces telepresence technology to improve customer experience further and elevate quality assurance standards.

Be on-premise at In-Vision from your work desk located all over the world

Telepresence technology has been around for several years and experience shows that the communication through a telepresence robot is more effective than through traditional means of international communication like telephone conferences. "We wanted customers to be able to directly "beam" themselves to In-Vision and have look what's going on", explains Bernhard Trenz, CEO in In-Vision the motivation behind this technology upgrade.

Next level of quality assurance

With beam, quality assurance staff from any customer all over the world, can access our beam robot, walk through parts of the production or assembly area and have direct conversions with staff involved in the immiment work flow. "This technology has already been highly valuable to us when it came to developing work processes together with the customer. Instead of losing time, traveling across the Atlantic, our customers just dialed in and immediately got a direct view of how production was organized. This way, we have been able to co-develop new production processes with our customers uncomparably faster.

Confidentiality fully ensured

"It is not possible to access the telepresence robot without prior clearance by our leadership team", explains Bernhard Trenz. "So, before we walk any customer or partner through production, we make sure any confidential information is locked away. Just like we would do it during a traditional audit, where people are actually physically present", continues Trenz. When not in used, Beam telepresence robots are locked away. So even should someone be able to accidentally access it, it would only display a black screen.

Have a look how "Beam" may be used in international manufacturing businesses to improve everyday communication: