In-Vision Highlights 2021

2021 was full of exciting news and innovations. We want to provide a short summary of our most-read stories here.

In-Vision Highlights of 2021: Bioprinting from Scratch, Achieving Biocompatibility, Videos, Interviews and new productsIn-Vision Highlights of 2021: Bioprinting from Scratch, Achieving Biocompatibility, Videos, Interviews and new products

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In-Vision launches 4K industrial Light Engine Phoenix

The first industrial 4K Light Engine, Phoenix,was launched in April 2021. It is designed for applications requiring stable high light intensity, high resolution and operational reliability. This Light Engine offers up to 6.5W of output power, which is remarkably higher than other 4K UV projectors on the market.

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Phoenix 4K Light Engine
CTO Christof Hieger and CEO Florian Zangerl with Phoenix

Most-read article in our Tech Insights category:

A portrait of an outstanding pioneer in 3D-Printing:

Nicholas Fang, a professor of mechanical engineering at MIT, became fascinated with micro structures during his graduate study at UCLA, after reading a 2001 article published in Nature about scientists who used two laser beams to sculpt a tiny resin figure of a bull – about the size of a red blood cell – with a resolution of 120 nanometers. He has been studying micro structures and laser-based direct writing ever since.

Nicholas Fang
MIT Professor Nicholas Fang breaks all rules of miniaturization.

In-Vision Webinars

At In-Vision's first Webinar: "Bioprinting from Scratch" Vincent Fitzpatrick and Riley Patten from Kaplan Lab explain how a proof-of-concept DLP-Bioprinter was built and how they achieved their research goals.

In-Vision Webinar
Watch the Record from "Bioprinting from Scratch"

The Webinar "Achieving Biocompatibility in DLP 3D-Printing" was held in November 2021.

Achieving Biocompatibility in DLP 3D-Printing
Watch the Record from "Achieving Biocompatibility in DLP 3D-Printing"

Prof. Dr. Thomas Griesser from Luxinergy unveiled the secret of the creation of biocompatible photopolymers and of the regulatory process to get these materials approved. Many interesting questions got asked.