Watch the Record of our Webinar "Achieving Biocompatibility in DLP 3D-Printing"

Prof. Dr. Thomas Griesser from Luxinergy unveiling the secret of the creation of biocompatible photopolymers and of the regulatory process to get these materials approved. Many interesting questions.

Webinar Record Achieving Biocompatibility in DLP 3D-Printing with Thomas Griesser and Wiebke JahrWebinar Record Achieving Biocompatibility in DLP 3D-Printing with Thomas Griesser and Wiebke Jahr

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Watch the record of the webinar "Achieving Biocompatibility in DLP 3D-Printing" from 25th November 2021 hosted by Florian Zangerl, CEO, and Project Manager Wiebke Jahr from In-Vision.

Many interesting questions were asked. Thank you to all participants.

Scientific Managing Director Luxinergy GmbH

Dr. Thomas Griesser completed his doctoral studies in Technical Chemistry at the Graz University of Technology. After his doctorate, he held a post-doctoral research position at the Institute for Chemical Technology of Materials at Graz University of Technology.

Since 2008, Dr Griesser has been employed at the Institute of Chemistry of Polymeric Materials at the Montanuniversitaet Leoben, first as a University Assistant and until 2020 as an Associate Professor. Since 1 December 2020, Dr. Griesser has been a University Professor in the field of Light-reactive Polymer Systems. His research focuses on the investigation of biocompatible photosensitive materials, which are mainly used in additive manufacturing.

In August 2019, Thomas Griesser co-founded the start-up Luxinergy, where he is the scientific managing director. Luxinergy GmbH focuses on the development and distribution of photo-curable resins and 3D printers for the additive manufacturing of customised medical devices.

Wiebke Jahr, Project Manager at In-Vision, with Phoenix Light Engine.

Raised in Jena, a city that is world-famous for being the center of the German optics and precision engineering industry, Wiebke stuck to her optics roots and found her way to In-Vision in June 2021. She joined our company as a project manager and specialist for research projects after a PhD in Dresden and a postdoc in Austria.