Watch the Record from our Webinar Bioprinting from Scratch

Vincent Fitzpatrick and Riley Patten from Kaplan Lab explain how a proof-of-concept DLP-Bioprinter was built and how they achieved their research goals.

Watch the record from the Webinar Bioprinting from ScratchWatch the record from the Webinar Bioprinting from Scratch

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Watch the webinar "Bioprinting from Scratch" hosted by In-Vision's CEO Florian Zangerl on May 27 and hear from Vincent Fitzpatrick and Riley Patten from Kaplan Lab on how they built a proof-of-concept DLP-based bioprinter to advance their research on soft tissue regeneration.

This session is an opportunity to gain hands-on insights into the process of building an experimental DLP bioprinter:

  • From the mechanical design, to the choice of projector, to the control software.
  • Cristof Hieger, In-Vision's CTO, shared details on the capabilities offered by DLP projection technologies for bioprinting.
Vincent Fitzpatrick, Webinar: Bioprinting from Scratch

Vincent Fitzpatrick is a post-doctoral researcher at the Kaplan Lab, Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts. He has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Grenoble INP in France and joined the Kaplan Lab in 2018 to explore innovative manufacturing techniques and biomaterials for tissue engineering. In his research, Vincent develops techniques and materials for the regeneration of the musculoskeletal system (e.g., bone, cartilage) using silk-based materials. He initiated the DLP bioprinting project to investigate the advantages of this approach with regard to speed, resolution, and the bioprinting of living cells.

Riley Patten from Kaplan Lab at Tufts Universit

Riley Patten is an undergraduate studying Biomedical Engineering at Tufts University and a bioprinting researcher at the Kaplan Lab. He focuses on the intersection between tissue engineering and manufacturing, specifically, how additive manufacturing can be used to generate cell scaffolds with complex geometric features. Riley played a critical role in designing and building a proof-of-concept DLP-bioprinter at the Kaplan Lab. He named it Ike after Ikarus (the projector)… and the famous candy brand Mike And Ike. Now, guess the name of the next printer…

CTO of In-Vision Christof Hieger

Christof Hieger CTO of In-Vision. Born in Vienna, Austria, he has been with In-Vision since 2017 and previously worked for ZKW Elektronik in Wiener Neustadt as Head of Module Production and Process Development. Hieger obtained two academic degrees in mechatronics and robotics, has published books and articles, and holds several patents. Hieger lives with his partner and daughter close to St. Poelten, Austria.