HELIOPORA — Laboratory Equipment

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Light Engine for lithography and cybergenetics

Use the convergence of optogenetics and lithography!

IN-VISION is a leader in the development of innovative solutions for the convergence of optogenetics and lithography. Our cutting-edge technologies provide researchers and practitioners with tools to explore cellular mechanisms in greater depth and fabricate intricate microstructures with unrivalled precision.

"Imagine a UV-light projector that exposes structures with the highest precision ever seen and enables you to analyse what was exposed at the same time"

Florian Zangerl - CEO IN-VISION

HELIOPORA combines the accuracy and reliability of an industrial UV light projector with a wide range of objectives, enabling precise exposures with almost any pixel size. This makes it an ideal tool for cybergenetics and optogenetics research, where high-resolution imaging under a high-power spotlight is crucial for analyzing genetic data and biological structures.

The connection to a CMOS camera eliminates the need to switch between the projector and microscope, and image recognition software can even be used to realise a closed-loop system. This integration of bioengineering technology opens up completely new horizons for working with light, facilitating more efficient and precise experimentation and analysis in various research fields.

The features of HELIOPORA at a glance:

  • 2K resolution - image size from 0.5mm to 5mm diagonal
  • Wide range of objectives starting from 300 nm up to 160 um
  • Uniform illumination and minimal distortion thanks to the use of an industrial projector
  • Free choice of wavelength by using appropriate light sources
  • Modular system - free choice of components from the lens to the camera
  • Virtually unlimited power of up to 16W in the work area
  • Fiber bundle-coupling possible
  • Top support from IN-VISION R&D during implementation