3D Metrology, or "3D scanning", has advanced quality assurance in companies around the world. Digital Light Processing (DLP®) is again a key-enabling technology in this application. Our digital light engine projects a high-resolution image on any given object which is scanned from multiple different angels. A dedicated software compiles a comprehensive image of the object comparing it. for example, with the original CAD design. This way objects as large as a building or as tiny as a single part of a cogwheel are measured in fractions of a second to the precision of a few microns.

Our digital light engines for 3D metrology applications, have been designed in a way, that customers may change the lens system on-site without further involvement of our team. This feature was possible through prudential optical design and a superior mechanical execution.

Light Engines for Metrology applications are used both mobile and on-premise measurement robots

VR-empowered 3D Metrology is changing the way we design and manufacture

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