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In-Vision was established as a manufacturing shop for projection lenses already in 2000. Since then, our manufacturing capabilities have evolved. We work with state-of-the-art machinery and production processes in all our manufacturing departments.

  • Mechanical Parts: Turning and Milling
  • Raw Glass Parts: Grinding, Polishing and Centering
  • Lenses: Coating


We can manufacture all necessary parts for both, our DLP-based light engine and the digital projection lenses, in-house. We usually do this, when it comes to small-batch or prototype production. For larger batches and serial production, we have a set of certified suppliers who we regularly visit contributing to their internal quality assurance. Our proprietary manufacturing capabilities and experience are essential when it comes to designing a good product. People from manufacturing are core team members in any product development project.

Mechanical Parts: Turning and Milling

Our machine park for mechanical parts manufacturing covers several turning machines with double spindle and double revolver system. On these we manufacture parts with diametres between 20 and 410mm to a maximum overall lenght of 1250mm. Our 5-axis milling machines work with chain magazines for up to 30 tools. Furthermore, we have built-in kinetic packages and a Renishaw metrology equipment across all axis allow for immediate quality assurance.

Tooling for both milling and turning machinery is provided by In-Vision certified suppliers or developed in-house by our development department. All machines are provided by DMG Mori, state-of-the-art and regularly serviced. We ensure stability in temperature through adequate coolants and have preadjustment for tooling installed in every machine.

five-axis CNC turning machine being cleaned after the morning shift
One of our five-axis CNC turning machine being cleaned after the morning shift

Raw Glass Parts: Grinding, Polishing and Centering

The machine park of our optical manufacturing covers an array of Optotech CNC machines. With these, we can manufacture lenses of all diametres between 10 and 130mm. The tooling for theses machines is developed by our development department and manufactured on-premise by our manufacturing department ensuring highest compatibility with the specific production process we have chosen for a certain product. Our centering group makes sure the mechanical and optical achsis of the semi-finished lens are fully aligned even compensating for minimum tolerances in the mechanical design.

employee working on a machine
Our optical precision engineer, Matteo, working on a polishing machine

Lenses: Coating

We are one of very few companies to have their proprietary coating department. Some of our optical systems span over 20 and more optical lenses effecting the overall output of these systems. Under these circumstances our coating department makes sure anti-reflection and transmission are optimized and fully alligned with what we want to achieve on the image plane. Over the years, we have developed more than 200 recipes for lens coatings which we adapt to the specific needs of the optical system being built. These chemicals are coated on lenses in two vacuum-based coating machines by use of electron beam vaporization.

using proprietary recipes for the coatings on optical elements
We use proprietary recipes for the coatings on our optical elements