Parts for small-batches, prototypes and zero-series are manufactured at In-Vision while parts for larger batches are often manufactured by In-Vision certified suppliers. In any case, for any final product that leaves our house, assembly and testing are done at In-Vision headquarters by our team. We have an optical lens and a light engine assembly group. For both departmens prototype assembly, RMA-handling and assembly of serial products are strictly separated from each other to ensure process stability.

Our team meets every morning for a stand-up meeting to discuss the state of individual products, electronic Kanban-Boards are spread out in the assembly department to have a constant overview on products being processed.

Daily stand-up meeting in front of an electronic Kanban board

Before assembly, all parts undergo incomming quality inspection before they are brought to assembly. In assembly, we work with flow boxes for most sub-components and even with clean-room assembly for highly critical sub-components.

Optical lens assembly in a flow box at In-Vision