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Chasing tomorrow's products.

We believe that structured light cast through DLP-based technology has the power to transform many industries. Next to the applications presented on our website, we are constantly exploring other areas of activity. With support of international partners from both business and academia, we persue research projects to find tomorrow's products.

In-Vision generates more than 2/3 in revenues with products that are less than two years old. In other words - we are proud to call ourselve an innovation power house. At this moment you will find several research and development projects being pursued at In-Vision at the same time. Some of them are relevant for products that we will bring to market in less than two years. Others will not commercialize for another five years.

We staff research and development projects cross-functional. So, next to our physicists, you will find mathematicians, chemists, production experts and commercial people on a project, creating a challenging yet highly rewarding environment.

Here is an abstract of our current research and developent initiatives

  • Enabling maskless lithography applications at sub-micron resolution
  • Developing blue and UV laser diode illumination systems
  • Create hybrid DLP(R) and laser scanning light exposure for additive manufacturing
  • Revolutionize data storage solution through DLP(R) technology
  • Industry 4.0 - Advancing to a smart optomechatronical factory

Continuously working on Research and Development
Research and Development at In-Vision

Strong Alliances.

Over the last years, In-Vision has been working with a large number of national and international research partners. These include leading academic institutions that help us keeping pace with latest developments, as well as private business partners, who complement research teams and bring in new expertise.

Funding Innovation.

Even though 20-25% of our revenues is spent on research and development initiatives on an annual basis, we still depend on partners to fund our research. We are proud and very grateful to be receiving funding on a regular basis by both national and international organizations. The Austrian Research and Development Agency has been a strong partner over the last years as well as the European Union's initiatives Eurostars and Horizon 2020.

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