Developments grow with the exchange of experts

Dr. Dario Bressan, head of IMAXT laboratory at Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, flew his little lab over to In-Vision's headquarter to work on his recent studies with living cells.

Dr. Dario Bressan cancer research at In-VisionDr. Dario Bressan cancer research at In-Vision

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Recent studies with living cells exposed with In-Vision’s Light Engines could lead to a breakthrough in the biotechnology sector

Dr. Dario Bressan did not wait too long to head to a plane and fly his little lab over to Austria, because he knows how important time is especially in the case of cancer studies.

That’s what his research is all about: Time.
Reducing the time to develop a protocol to illuminate a tissue using a specific pattern. To see if this is possible he set up a lab in a flowbox at the testrig at In-Vision’s headquarter in Guntramsdorf, close to Vienna.

"We are only as good as our tools are"

Dr. Dario Bressan

Mechanical Engineering he says is the funpart. Biotechnologists rely on really good technology and this is what will make the difference in getting extremely reliable results.

„We are only as good as our tools are“ is one of Dr. Bressan‘s principles. For his researches at In-Vision he tried to create an illumination pattern in cells with a Firebird Light Engine with the Schedir projection lens.

The Schedir with a 2um pixel size lens was especially developed for the innovative project: „Microneedles“ for continuous glucose monitoring.

Biologists start to see the importance of structured light applications like Light Engines. The developments grow with the exchange of experts all around the world and in Bressan’s world developments can be life saving.

He has already announced his intention to come back and we are looking forward to any further visit.

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CEO Florian Zangerl and Dr. Dario Bressan looking at In-Vision's Ligth Engine

CEO Florian Zangerl and Dr. Dario Bressan having an experts talk about the Light Engine used for Dr. Bressan's studies.