"The mission is to close the gap between cultural differences and support Asian customers"

Since 2021 there is a cooperation between Correns Corporation and In-Vision. We talked to Takashi Osanai, sales representative at Correns, to find out about the progress and the advantages of it.

In-Vision cooperating with JapanIn-Vision cooperating with Japan

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Correns represents about 150 European machine makers and has 170 employees that are high professionals providing support in Japan for those machines. The German-Japanese management team ensures that the business customs and requirements of both the European principals and the Japanese customers are equally taken into consideration and respected. Their professionals travel to the companies they represent and learn about the products to afterwards provide installations, maintenance and trouble shooting. This service is evaluated by customers all over Japan.

“They feel like they bought a machine from Japan, and they can always rely on our support. That means a lot to them.”

Takashi Osanai, Sales Representative at Correns Corporation

Advantages of the cooperation

What can Correns Cooperation say about the progress of the cooperation so far?

“We are absolutely convinced about the products” says Mr. Osanai. “They are unique, and that’s what we have been searching for. The unique selling point is what sales companies are constantly seeking and In-Vision has this powerful light source. Their own light-source separates them from other DLP projection companies. We are in the phase of presenting the machines to the Asian customers. Therefore we are in constant contact with the Sales Department in Guntramsdorf and get great support from In-Vision.”

Why is it important for the Asian market to have this cooperation?

“Asian countries have a unique business culture. Correns understands the process from both sides and tries to close the gap between the cultural differences. Negotiations have a different dynamic and misunderstandings can be avoided right away. Our employees are well trained and usually stay at the company because we have a great company culture as well.

Technology wise Europe is more advanced than Japan in certain fields. This cooperation gives customers in Japan and Asia as well, the possibilities to develop innovations in their country with the best technology possibilities they can have.

In the past many European manufacturers had their own office in Japan and sold their machines, but they ended up leaving and going back to their countries, so the customers were left over. This won’t happen with us. We won’t leave our customers alone with their products. In-Vision and Correns Corporation share the same values in this concern.”

"This cooperation gives customers in Japan and Asia as well, the possibilities to develop innovations in their country with the best technology possibilities they can have."

office building of Correns Corp. in Japan

Office building of the well-established Correns Corporation in Tokyo, Japan.

DLP UV printing development in Asia

About the potential solutions of DLP printing in Asia Mr. Osanai says: “The future manufacturing processes will take over to replace conservative production processes, as for example injection molding. In Japan there are many startups that already understood the new process. It is a matter of time that also the big producers join this trend. The newer printers and the newer materials will be provided for a broader application range, also the big one’s will join the 3d printing trend. But before there is a lot of work for the small companies.

At the moment there are about 3 or 4 printing manufacturers in Japan that adopt DLP printing methods. None of them makes their own light source like In-Vision does. Once the powerful UV DLP projectors are commercialized they will give a big push to the Japanese market. Asia has all kinds of leading manufacturers: automotive, electronics, game consoles, machine tools, who would potentially be 3d printer users. For the high-end sector we need to pave the way and reach out to academical researchers. It is a process that manufacturers realize that DLP printing is the future. History shows that Japan is really good at importing technology form other countries and improving it. Once the market is established, we are gonna have a big run on the products. Japan could definitely be the next global printing leader.”

Takashi Osanai, Sales Representative at Correns

About Takashi Osanai
Takashi Osanai joined Correns in 2010 and has engaged as a sales engineer in both importing and exporting business between Europe and Japan ever since. His areas of specialization include optical, mechanical, and electrical fields.

Logo of Correns Corporation in Japan

About the history of Correns
Correns Corporation was founded 1948 in Tokyo by the German President Mr. Claus Correns and has since been focusing on importing leading European machines and special components to Japan. After the end of World War II, German citizens were repatriated, stopping all German related business activities in Japan. C. Correns & Co. was the first German company allowed to re-start business, supporting the reconstruction of Japan after the war. Still today, the entrepreneurial spirit of those days is part of our company culture.