“It was challenging every day, but also a lot of fun!”

Cristine, newest member of optical design team explains the charm of digital light, her way from Sao Paulo to Vienna and how the In-Vision-Team destroyed the myth of grumpy Austrians.

Cristine Calil Kores newest team member of optical design team at In-VisionCristine Calil Kores newest team member of optical design team at In-Vision

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After a PhD in Optics in Stockholm, Cristine joined In-Vision as an Optics Design Engineer in April 2021. We are thrilled to present our new colleague, whose huge interest in Optics has taken her from Sao Paulo to Stockholm and now to Vienna, where she will contribute to an innovative future built on light.

INV: Cristine, welcome! We are thrilled to have you join the In-Vision team! Could you tell us about your journey so far/your studies and why you specialized in Optics?”

Cristine: Thank you. I’m very happy to be here! I became interested in optics while I was studying Physics at the university in Brazil. After finishing my masters in laser development, I decided to go abroad to do a PhD in Optics and Photonics. During my PhD, I worked on integrated optics, developing waveguide structures for single-frequency lasers and also for nonlinear-optics. It was challenging every day, but also a lot of fun. It was a great experience, both from a scientific and a personal point of view. I enjoyed being around colleagues from all over the world, with all sorts of backgrounds and perspectives.

INV: What do you like the most about optics?

Cristine: Optics is everywhere, we can use it to understand the world and also to improve it, through numerous technological developments. Optics is an essential part of the modern world and it’s going to keep evolving and growing. That’s what I find so fascinating and motivating about this field! There’s always an opportunity to learn and apply your skills to new areas.

INV: Why did you choose to go to Austria after your PhD?

Cristine: My partner and I had visited Vienna before and we immediately saw the beauty in it. It is very central and European. We have made so many friendly experiences since we arrived. I heard that Austrians have a reputation of being grumpy, but in the last months people have been so warmly welcoming, especially at In-Vision, so I cannot confirm the myth.

INV: This is your first job after your PhD. How does it feel and what is your first impression of In-Vision?

Cristine: Every day I feel like learning more. I never feel left alone. The mindset at In-Vision is very dynamic and open-minded. There is an international spirit and a familiar atmosphere at the same time. During my second job interview, they showed me parts of the company and I got a feeling that everybody was happy working here. That is why I decided to go for it!

INV: You already got a chance to get accustomed with In-Vision’s light engines. What is your first impression?

"I am already very impressed with the optical performance of the products developed at In-Vision"

Cristine: I have been at the company for only a month, and I am already very impressed with the optical performance of the products developed at In-Vision. I can tell that my colleagues are great at what they do. I also find it very exciting that there are always new ideas, for products and applications, and also for improvements.

INV: What do you think is the main difference between working in Brazil and working in Austria?

Cristine: In Brazil there are few opportunities, and too much competition, especially to work with research. I really enjoy the way we work as a team to achieve goals together here.

INV: What do you want to achieve at In-Vision?

Cristine: I want to become a specialist in design optics for DLP systems, to improve my skills and contribute to the company’s innovation spirit. I’m already working on new lens designs and I can’t wait to see them mounted on a light engine.

INV: Since you’ve been in Austria for such a short time, is there anything in particular that you want to explore in your spare time?

Cristine: Absolutely! I have a whole list of places I want to go hiking and I’m very much looking forward to swimming in the Donau, when things start opening up a little more. I’ve already started biking to the office. It’s quite a long ride, but it is really nice!

INV: Thank you for sharing your experience. Welcome to In-Vision!