In-Vision awarded with Austrian State Prize of Innovation 2019

In-Vision’s Project „Light Engine for Additive Manufacturing“ wins Austria’s highest honors for innovative companies.

Award winning of the Austrian State Prize of InnovationAward winning of the Austrian State Prize of Innovation

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Vienna, March 29th 2019 – The Austrian Federal Minister of Digital and Economic Affairs, Dr. Margarethe Schramböck, awarded In-Vision with the Austrian State Prize of Innovation during a festive ceremony in the Grand Hall of ERSTE Campus in Vienna. In-Vision’s Light Engine, an intelligent opto-electronical projector, which uses light to selectively cure photosensitive polymer for additive manufacturing purposes was chosen by a distinguished jury for Austria’s highest honors for innovative companies. With the light engine, polymer 3D-printing may be used for serial production rather than currently prevalent prototyping and model printing.

„We feel very honored, the award is a perfect appreciation of years of research and development work in our company”, says Michael Steiner, Managing Director and CFO of In-Vision. The innovative process produces material characteristics suitable for serial production purposes. “Traditional polymer additive manufacturing is mostly used for prototype manufacturing. With our light engine, we can bring 3D printing of polymers to serial production which opens up a whole set of new opportunities”, says Steiner.

„We started with first trials a few years ago. Currently, we serve some of the most important 3D printer manufacturers on four continents.” Spare parts for the automotive industries, white goods, dental implants and consumer goods are just some of a wide range of products manufactured with In-Vision’s Light Engines.

Economic success

The introduction of In-Vision’s Light Engine portfolio fueled strong growth. „We currently market 8 dedicated light engine platforms each optimized for specific industrial applications. We serve customers around the world and have become a global technology leader in our field”, says Steiner. The company invests significantly in research and development to further expand its leading position. “We invest about 20-25% of annual revenues in research and development initiatives which will ensure a competitive edge also in five years from now.” The company manufactures the entire product range at its production facility in Guntramsdorf, outside of Vienna, Austria.

Strong team effort

Strong international demand for In-Vision’s products increased staff from 35 to 140 over three years. „This development brought substantial change to the organization. Overall complexity increased, the way we work changed and frequency intensified. The degree of change our employees truly embraced, is remarkable. This award is a recognition of the entire staff, the result of a strong team effort.“

About In-Vision

In-Vision Digital Imaging Optics GmbH is a deep tech company located in Guntramsdorf, outside of Vienna, Austria. The company develops and manufactures high-precision optical systems for industrial applications. In-Vision is a world market leader for digital projection lenses for the global entertainment industry. The company’s globally leading Light Engine products are mostly used for 3D printing, 3D metrology and Lithography applications. The company manufactures its products exclusively at the production site in Austria and has two research and development departments in Austria and Boston, USA. The company caters to customers on four continents, achieving export ratios of 99% per year.