Austria - Argentina: There is one thing in common that has nothing to do with soccer!

Optics Design! In-Vision's Optics Design Engineer wants to tell us what he finds at least as exciting about his job as the stories surrounding the event that still strongly connects these countries.

Arturo Bianchetti in the lab at In-VisionArturo Bianchetti in the lab at In-Vision

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When Austrians hear "Cordoba," they probably think first about the soccer miracle which numerous stories were written about in 1978 than of 3D printing and optics design. But In-Vision's Optics Design Engineer in the Research and Development department has taken the long way from Cordoba to gain a foothold in precisely this segment.

INV: Hi Arturo and welcome to our interview. You started at In-Vision in September 2021 and you bring a lot of positive energy to the office. We're glad you don't hold this victory in soccer history against us personally. Can you tell us about yourself and your education?

Arturo: Yes, although it is decades ago, this soccer story lives on. It is definitely a door opener to conversations in Austria, I never thought people will know my province here (laughs). I grew up in Rio Cuarto, a small town in Argentina close to Cordoba. I lived there my whole childhood and after the Engineering degree I went to University in my hometown and later studied in Buenos Aires. As many students I combined studying and working which always helped me to develop my hands-on mentality. I worked in Telecommunications, did installations of antennas, image processing and later I made the master in Opto Electronics. That’s when the passion for optics started.

INV: So you tried a lot of different things, but stayed in optics since then. Why was this the most interesting field for you?

Arturo: First I wanted to study physics but I wanted to combine it with engineering, because I liked solving practical challenges as much as the research. At university I saw that physicists headed to other directions and I wanted to stay with optics. In my master I helped developing eye trackers for research and development. That was when I collaborated with researchers workin on human vision. We used Infrared light for the eye tracker. The system was also used to help disabled people. This work was extremely rewarding.

INV: This is a perfect example of how the optics industry can impact our world. When did you decide to explore Europe?

Arturo: My first experiences in Europe I made in 2016, when I was able to spend 6 months of my PhD in Germany, Nuremberg. During this time I was researching biosensors. This was a completely new field and I wanted to learn more about the bio sector. After my PhD I worked as a permanent researcher but I dreamed of transforming my ideas to products. So it brought me back to Argentina where I got contacted by a startup company that wanted to develop their microfluidics. New projects came up and I had my first contact with DLP UV projectors. That was the time I was able to use my previous experience in optics.

INV: It seems you have come a long way to arrive at In-Vision. When did you decide to come back to Europe and strike a new path?

Arturo: A friend from the Netherlands knew about my history in my working fields and where I wanted to be and finally found In-Vision when browsing the web. He told me about the company. The company was meeting my personal expectations on the specific field I wanted to specialize in. My cousin is living in Bad Vöslau, just 15 km from In-Vision, so it was a real funny coincidence that I found my way here. I can remember when we were kids we did our first physics experiences together in our garden in Argentina and now we live again in the same country.

"After my PhD I worked as a permanent researcher but I dreamed of transforming my ideas to products."

INV: So you mentioned you wanted to specialize in the DLP Printing sector in Austria. How far is the market of DLP 3D-Printing in Argentina?

Arturo: In Argentina there are companies that specialize in DLP Printing, but most of all are startups and the market is building up. There is potential in the start up field about the UV projectors. Argentina is very well known for their great developments. Especially the Microfabrication sector is growing.

INV: Are these the applications you are most interested in DLP 3D-Printing?

Arturo: Applications I really like is bioprinting and tissue engineering. Biosensorics is still very interesting for me that is related to microfluidics. To sum it up: Biological applications are my favourites.

INV: What are you currently working on at In-Vision?

Arturo: I am working on new illumination systems. I have already caught myself dreaming about it (laughs). I am learning a lot about the systems. New ideas come every day and we have to stay creative for example when we are working with universities to bring new developments to life. I really enjoy this connection, and the challenge of meeting their specific requirements.

INV: You are here now for half a year. This is usually the time when you get more connected with the products and have already learned about a company’s culture. What is your experience so far at In-Vision?

Arturo: I was overwhelmed with the positive on-boarding process and was warmly welcomed by my colleagues. I remember my first day and it was so refreshing to see the production hall. I remember the word: Mahlzeit at my first walk through the facility. It took me some days to realize it’s just an Austrian way to say „Hello“ at lunchtime (laughs).

INV: Can you already name your favourite UV light projector from In-Vision?

Arturo: For me it is Firebird. It is a versatile product that can adapt to many different applications. I am currently working with Firebird for research. It really delivers on its promises and the cost-effectiveness is great.

INV: Is there any connection between your personality and your job?

Arturo: I am curious and open minded. Creativity is welcomed in my position and I am not locked insight a box. This helps me in my projects to find new developments and facing challenges. That’s how In-Vision can offer specific solutions to so many requirements. We offer a great support for customers and I do my best to do my part by staying open and creative.

INV: You told us about your passion for exploring new things. Is there anything you whish to explore in Austria soon in your spare time?

Arturo: Climbing is my favourite thing to do in Austria. In Argentina I did not try it and here I was soon encouraged by friends to go out and join them hiking or snowboarding. I don’t feel like the best snowboarder, but it’s great fun. Austrians know how to have fun and enjoy the nature. The Schneeberg is so close and also very interesting places and cities are so close to Vienna. In Argentina it takes you many hours to see a different scenery, but not here. In just a few hours you are in another beautiful country and can explore new cultures so easily. That’s impressive and keeps me curious for new adventures.

"I am curious and open minded. Creativity is welcomed in my position and I am not locked insight a box."

INV: Spring is coming and there is a big chance you can go hiking on the Schneeberg pretty soon. Thank you Arturo for telling us about yourself and for also giving us a little insight into the dreams of an optics design engineer.