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optical lense Jeremie
optical lense Jeremie

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Developing projection lenses is one of our core competences. Based on the requirements of the specific application and the use of state-of-the-art optical design software, we develop projection lenses at highest quality levels.

The development incorporates economical aspects already at a very early stage ensuring a successful execution and realisation of your project from the start. Guided by customer specifications, we choose suitable materials from the leading glass manufacturers, conduct stray light analyses, Monte-Carlo-Simulations and thermo-mechanical calculations to ensure a projection performance tailored to the needs of your application.

Because of our long experience in this field, we can rely on a solid stock of existing, proprietary optical designs, which form a great foundation for future projects. Furthermore, we invested in high performance computing to reduce time-to-market while increasing the quality of our simulations. A close cooperation with our mechanical design team ensures optimal mounting of the lens elements which is necessary to achieve superb optical performance.