Ikarus II — DLP6500

Tailored to 3D printing applications, Ikarus II Full-HD DLP6500 light engine platform offers the benefits of a compact, light-weight design combined with many options for customization. The module is available with a variety of screw-on lens types, addressing application-specific requirements such as throw ratio, feature size and working distance. Apart from off-the-shelf lenses, customized modifications are available through our in-house design and production teams.

Illumination and projection optics are optimized for UV and blue LED light sources, warranting highest transmission efficiency and minimum stray light. Modules are equipped with the desired light source upon order placement. Standard wavelengths available include 365, 385, 405, 460 nm, others on request.

Optical distortion is kept at minimum levels, whereas illumination uniformity is maximized across the full image area owing to on-axis, TIR-prism illumination of the DLP®.

For further information on this product, have a look at the Technical Factsheet