MERCURY — 3D-Metrology

Vent from Polarfox Light Engine
Vent from Polarfox Light Engine

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Designed for 3D metrology, scanning and mapping applications, the Mercury light engine projects patterns with a resolution of 1440x1080 pixels and an aspect ratio of 4:3. The optical system offers a high depth-of-field, low distortion as well as high MTF values.

Micromirror array size1440 x 1080
Image resolutionFull HD
Image size540 x 405mm | 241 x 180mm | 715 x 536mm
Depth of focus210mm | 90mm | 300mm
Optical output power (image)up to 200mW
Line Contrast (CTF)> 70%
Uniformity (lens-dependent)up to 92% acc. to IEC61947

Apart from off-the-shelf lenses, customized modifications are available short-term through our in-house design and production lines