Helios — 3D-Printing

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HELIOS was specifically developed because of the increasing need for higher illumination intensity in 3d printing. The light engine is based on In-Vision’s new proprietary light source and achieves 60W of illumination intensity, which is twice as much as what most light engines on the market can achieve. This results in more than 12W on the image plane. Furthermore, all optical elements and their coatings have been optimized to offer higher uniformity and contrast ratios than any other system In-Vision has benchmarked.

Apart from superior optical performance of HELIOS, In-Vision wanted to incorporate as many improvements for the customer as possible. The entire projector follows a modular design: it is fully built in sub-assemblies for highest accessibility and the LED module can be easily exchanged by the customer. It has never been easier to operate and maintain a DLP light engine. HELIOS will be available in customized pixel solutions and wavelengths. The current version is based on 385nm.

With this product we want to contribute to even more cost-effective prints, allow for new materials and qualify additive manufacturing further for serial production applications.

Here is a list of key benefits of the new system:

SUPERIOR OPTICAL PERFORMANCE: The most powerful system on the market

High intensity light source
On/Off contrast and uniformity: tailored prism geometry achieves superior homogeneity values (tested with 25 points of measurement)
Coating of mirrors and other optical components tailored and optimized to wavelength to achieve highest intensity values
Fused silica lens elements to achieve high transmission illumination
DMD Position x/y und and tilt are configured with counter pressure mechanics that allow for precise configuration - optimal alignment of optics and mechanics and achieves superior MTF and distortion values

SIMPLEST HANDLING: It has never been easier to operate and maintain a DLP light engine

LED interchangeability: LED can be easily replaced by customer (module cassette)
Easy accessibility and modular system – fully built in sub assemblies
Fully automated intensity measurement

HIGHEST QUALITY: Thorough testing makes sure only perfect products are being shipped

Each engine undergoes extensive end of line testing with detailed test report
25 measurement points for contrast and uniformity
Fully enclosed housing of the light path

Should you be interested in this product platform, please reach out to our Sales Team and have a look at our Product Presentation.