Cinema Lenses

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Entertaining the World

As world market leader for high-end digital cinema lenses, In-Vision has brought blockbuster entertainment to billions of people. As of now, our projection technology is installed in more than 50% of all movie theatres around the globe.

In-Vision looks back on decades of experience and proficiency in developing and manufacturing projection lenses. Apart from our dedicated teams for optical and mechanical product development, we entertain a fully equiped production facility in Austria where we produce, assemble and test our products. For higher volume contracts, we have a set of certified suppliers who may produce larger volume batches. In any case, assembly and final testing are always done on-premise in Austria.

Even though we have a large sortiment of off-the-shelf products, the indiviudal lens needs to be adapted to the requirements of the specific projector (specific mechanical mounting and illumination architecture).

For further information please refer to the catalogue on our digital cinema lens program.

Our digital cinema lenses are used for blockbuster entertainment in global movie theatres or in large-venue projection installations