HELIOPORA — Laboratory Equipment

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Sub Micrometic Additive Manufacturing

"Imagine a microscope that exposes structures with the highest precision ever seen"

HELIOPORA combines the accuracy and reliability of an industrial UV light projector with a wide range of microscope objectives. This enables precise exposures with almost any pixel size.

The connection to a CMOS camera eliminates the need to switch between the projector and microscope, and image recognition software can even be used to realise a closed-loop system. This makes it possible to automate processes and opens up completely new horizons for working with light.

The features of HELIOPORA at a glance:

  • 2K resolution - image size from 0.5mm to 5mm diagonal
  • Uniform illumination and minimal distortion thanks to the use of an industrial projector
  • Free choice of wavelength by using appropriate light sources
  • Modular system - free choice of components from the lens to the camera
  • Virtually unlimited power of up to 16W in the work area
  • Fiber bundle-coupling possible
  • Top support from IN-VISION R&D during implementation