From open-door to town-hall meetings: how we keep everyone involved


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We are proud to call In-Vision an innovation power-house. This means that a large part of the revenue is coming from newly developed products which causes a lot of change on daily basis. Moreover, the company has been growing throughout the last years bringing on new people almost every month.

In such an environment, we think it is paramount to listen to the team and to keep them involved where the company is headed to. Below, you will find some traditions at In-Vision witch help us keeping everyone in the loop, always adhering to an open and inclusive corporate culture.

Open door policy

If we are not tied up in confidential customer discussions, you will never find our management’s doors closed. Even as we grow, we make sure doors are open and we have time to talk to people at In-Vision with pressing issues without prior notification. It is sometimes challenging, but it is an important part of our corporate culture that we value and will keep in the future. For our colleagues who don’t make it to management offices on a regular basis, we make sure we visit every department every once in a while.

Employment reviews

We make sure we have discussions with every employee at In-Vision at least once a year about how they feel about the work they do, what challenges they face and how we can help them achieve their goals. In all these discussions corporate culture is a key topic any member of the leadership will address.

Team events

We are emotional about our work. In-Vision must always be a place people like to be, to work and to develop new ideas together. To make this happen, we also want to meet each other in a more informal atmosphere. Such team events include our annual summer party on the premises of In-Vision, a Christmas party that is getting bigger every year or our annual chestnut festivity every autumn.

As company based so close to the Austrian alps, we also make sure we have at least one skiing event per year. Most of our team events are suggested by individual team members who are then supported by the administration in organizing such events.

Monthly town-hall meetings

Once a quarter, we invite all employees to an update on the state of the company and our thoughts on what is the right strategy to go forward. Usually, we introduce the staff to one or the other new product, provide a brief update on the overall development by the management, introduce new team members and have departments talk about daily challenges and important wins. This mpnthly update takes about an hour and is always followed by lunching together discussing what was just presented.

Skiing Events
The annual skiing trip is one of our favourite team events