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Ikarus - compact, light-weight, yet high-performance optical module
Ikarus - compact, light-weight, yet high-performance optical module

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The TWOWAVE DLP light engine module offers native WQXGA/2K (2560 x 1600 pixels) resolution based on TI's DLP9000 advanced light control chipset. It combines 2 LEDs with 1 DMD and allows for parallel or sequential light exposure at different wavelengths.

Micromirror array size2560 x 1600
Wavelengths (LED)365 and 460nm
Standard lenses50µ and 100µm
Optical output power (image plane)up to 3.5W (wavelength-dependent)
Contrast ratioup to 1:120 ANSI
Uniformityup to 95% acc. to IEC61947 (Lens dependent)

The TWOWAVE can be customized to accommodate special customer requirements, such as projection lens distance, FOV, magnification, wavelength and other key specifications.

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