Demeter — DLP9500

The Demeter plattform enables maskless lithography for various markets and applications. Based on the DLP9500 chipset, this product is the masterpiece of DLP-based optomechantronical technology.

The diffraction-limited optical system is tailored for magnifications needed in applications like wafer patterning, microstructuring or PCB production. It can be used with various light sources like LED or fibre-optically coupled laser sources. Typical wavelengths for this product are between 365 and 405 nm, but this may be changed upon request. Another important aspect is an emphasis on an ultra-low image misregistration (distortion) and high transmission, two aspects which are very important for the intended applications. Features like movable apertures and high-speed focus are also available.

The DLP9500 chipset is driven by a FPGA controller which includes features like scrolling and various possible interfaces for data transfer (e.g. USB 3.0, Gigabit-Ethernet).

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