Artemis — 3D-Printing

Artemis is a multi-wavelength enabled DLP light engine module based on the DLP9000 chipset with a native resolution of 2560x1600 pixel.  

Tailored to DLP stereolithography as well as maskless lithography applications, the Artemis product platform addresses inherent light exposure demands for dedicated resin and coating chemistries. Optical system and projection lens are optimized to accommodate individually configurable and controllable light emitting sources, that allow for parallel or sequential light exposure at different wavelengths.

Liquid-cooling of the light engine module enables high-performance, continuous light exposure operation at maximum irradiance powers and transmission efficencies. Typical light source wavelengths range from 365nm to the VIS spectrum.  

Artemis can be individually configured to particular customer requirements, such as projection lens distance, FOV, magnification, wavelength and other key specifications.

Should you be interested in this product platform, please reach out to our Sales Team