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Coming soon: the first native 4K Light Projector
Coming soon: the first native 4K Light Projector

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The next big step in DLP-Projection! The first native 4K Light Engine for industrial applications

The AVATAR high performance system brings UV light projection to a new level for advanced 3D-printing and -lithography applications.

AVATAR enables users of 3D-printing and lithography to expose, at high resolution, a larger area than previously possible, and to make moving exposures with high optical performance.

Some of the main features of the flagship-system:

  • Open System: The built-in Xilinx Zynq UltraScale allows users to customize their applications or use prepared Software.
  • Field Changeability: The LED-Module is easily swapped out by the customer and does not require any further calibration or set-up.
  • Scrolling availability: AVATAR is designed for moving exposure. It comes with an optical PCIe-Interface, Optical Trigger IN/OUT and a 1 Gigabyte Ethernet-Connection to ensure high scrolling speeds.
  • Watercooled System: Illumination- and DMD-Units are equipped with separate connectors for water cooling to achieve optical peak system performance .
  • Stackability: The small width of the system allows projectors to be lined up down to very small pixel sizes
  • Onboard User-Interface: An OLED-Display informs the user about the operating status and key parameters.
  • Designed for performance: To handle the large amounts of data that a 4K image contains, especially in scrolling mode, the device is equipped with an optical PCIe interface.
Watercooled AVATAR
Watercooled AVATAR comes with high end-interfaces and an easy-to-swap LED-Module.
ChipsetDLP990U, DLP990UUV
Display resolution4096x2176
Wavelengths365um, 385um, 405um

More infos and data of Avatar will be published soon!

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