Julia's Story at In-Vision

June 2018

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As a logistics planner, Julia is responsible for the supply chain for optical lens systems at In-Vision. But her career started entirely different. After she graduated from a technical high school in Mödling, close to Vienna, she studied instrumental and vocal pedagogy at a private conservatory in Vienna.

She is still singing, mostly Jazz-Pop, for fun and for her friends. On the job, she coordinates material flow for one of our major product lines, securing sufficient supply for production and just-in-time delivery to the customer.

We spoke with Julia about her daily life at In-Vision. Read below if you want to find out more.

Logistic Planner at in-vision
Julia is a Logistics Planner for one of our major Product Lines

"When I joined In-Vision as a Junior, I didn't know how quickly I would grow into more Responsibilities"

INV: Julia, tell us how you came to In-Vision in the first place.

Julia: I joined in early 2016. Back at the time, I got trained in many areas. Purchasing, order processing, hosting customers and preparing for meetings just to name a view. We were a smaller team than today, and everyone had to take care of pretty much everything.

INV: Has that changed? How is it today?

Julia: That has changed a lot. Shortly after I joined, we came up with the first light engine products. The company grew a lot afterwards and with it also our product range, the bills of material, and of course the number of both, suppliers and customers. It got more complex, a lot actually.

INV: How did you manage that change?

Julia: I grew into it. In the beginning I helped out in many departments and functions. With the company growing, more people joining, I got more specialized. Today, I take care of logistics planning, which ensures steady material supply for the production of optical lenses.

INV: Sounds like a stressful time.

Julia: It sure was. But everyone was supportive during that transitions. When I joined as a Junior, I didn’t know how quickly I would grow into more responsibilities. This was only possible because of a supportive team.

INV: In which way where they supportive?

Julia: They still are. In general, people help each other at In-Vision even when it is not within their responsibility. You don’t feel left alone. Lately, we have also introduced morning meetings where people get to talk about daily challenges and what has to be done. This opens up even more opportunities to get everything in a flow.

"The people at In-Vision didn't mind where I was coming from, they saw where I was headed to. That still amazes me, and I am very grateful for it."

INV: Anything else, you would like to say about the spirit at In-Vision?

Julia: I like how the potential in people is seen, and not their actual background. I studied vocal pedagogy but found out that I wanted to sing in my free time, keep it as a passion and not do it for a living. The people at In-Vision didn’t mind where I was coming from, they saw where I was headed to. That still amazes me, and I am very grateful for it.

INV: What do you like about your daily job, apart from In-Vision’s culture?

Julia: It is exciting because you deal with new challenges every day. I also learn a lot about the technical side of products. And then I work with almost all departments at In-Vision. Logistics is an important interface in the company providing valuable help to other units. That can be challenging, but most of the time it feels just good being able to support.

INV: Have you been on one of the last team events, actually?

Julia: The team events are great! I think a lot of the personal atmosphere at In-Vision comes from them. I was at the last town hall meetings and at the summer party of course. I didn’t make it to skiing last winter but count me in for this year!

INV: We will! Thank you for the interview, Julia!

Julia: Thank you!

Karaoke singing
In her free time, Julia sings for friends, for herself and sometimes even at weedings