Bettina's Story at In-Vision

June 2018

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Bettina currently supports both our customers and internal sales team in processing orders, coordinating logistics and managing customs declarations. Before joining our team, she was freelancing as makeup artist and proofed to be a strong support for her parents when she helped out in the family-run business. Finally, in winter 2017, Bettina introduced herself to the In-Vision team and applied for a position in order processing.

Not even half a year later, Bettina is in constant contact with our customers around the globe supporting them in pressing issues. We spoke with Bettina and asked her about her daily life at In-Vision:

Bettina on her desk at in-vision

Bettina at her desk at In-Vision

"I get to work with customers from all over the world"

INV: Bettina, earlier you told me, that you where a bit worried that you did not bring enough experience to your current job when you first applied for it. How do you feel about that now?

Bettina: Very good actually. I did have the feeling that I could grow into the responsibilities of the job. And I was right, because I got a lot of support in taking the challenge. Everybody was helpful, my team supported me from the first day, also with matters that wouldn’t be their responsibility.

INV: How do you experience the culture at In-Vision?

Bettina: It is very inclusive. Again, I was supported from all sides. And I especially like the flat hierarchy. In many cases, I work directly with the management and I never have the feeling that I am subordinated but a full member of the team. Everyone treats each other with respect and benevolence, even in challenging and critical situations.

INV: Are you worried sometimes, that this could change?

Bettina: No. When I joined In-Vision, even though that’s not a long time ago, we where significantly less people. But even now, everything is very personal and it still feels like a family.

INV: How do you feel about the work you do with our customers?

Bettina: It is exciting, I get to work with customers from all over the world. I can tell that In-Vision puts a lot of effort into the relationship with the clients.

INV: How so?

Bettina: I am on first-name basis with all customers. And, also when they visit us for formal reasons, like an audit, I never feel interrogated. They treat us just like we treat each other, friendly and with respect.

"A job at In-Vision? Go for it!"

INV: And what are you up to when you are not busy helping our customers?

Bettina: I spent a lot of weekends hiking in the mountains. It's on of the most relaxing activities for me. And when there is more time, I also love to travel. One of my last trips brought me on a 3-week backpacking tour through Vietnam and Hong Kong.

INV: Which experience comes to your mind when you think about the trip?

Bettina: I got to hike with local people around the mountains of Sapa, in the north-eastern part of Vietnam. That was exiting because I could combine of one my hobbies, hiking, with getting to know local people and customs. The train-ride from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh was also memorable, but not exactly in a good way.

INV: What would you tell someone considering a job at In-Vision, Bettina?

Bettina: Go for it! Better today than tomorrow. The people at In-Vision foster creativity, innovation and team work. We are happy to have new people on board.

INV: That was great! Thank you for your time, Bettina.

Bettina: Thank you for the interview!

Austrian Alps

A place for Bettina to relax on the weekends: The Austrian Alps